You don’t belong in Hell’s kitchen…

Until you have made, and I quote my husband, “the best white girl enchiladas I’ve ever had”. While the toddler strips in the sink… Then pees in the big bowl of water in the sink… Then flings said pee-water by the cupful across the kitchen… …. I’m a kitchen pro… no biggie. Advertisements

Sometimes it’s not what you hear…

It’s what you see…. The dogs aren’t allowed on the couches, which means they got new beds! Emma loves her bed. Ned ate his bed, and now wears it like some sort of sick fur-on-fur fashion statement. There’s just something not right about this one. Although, with everything “not right” about this pup, I’d take […]

Things you don’t want to hear. Part 2

“NEDDERS DID IT!!” Sounds harmless right? This is the face of pure innocence. Angelic. The Mother Theresa. No. This is the face that has caused many a word to be yelled – that when repeated by a toddler – is enough to make a sailor blush. At least Declan is getting some street lingo mixed […]

Things you don’t want to hear. Part 1

*toddler comes running up quickly* “Mom!! Come see big poop! C’mon!!” We go check out said “big poop”.  After arriving at the spot, which is, as you may guessed NOT in the potty, Declan says “uh oh… where the big poop go?” ….. ….. I guess I’ll just keep the coffee rolling this morning. 

I had a dream… 

Every once in a while I reiterate to tommy that to dominate an animal, the best way to do it is to wrestle it down… and pee in it’s ear….  the other day, D peed in his own ear… I thought it was hilarious… Until… I had a dream Ned peed I MY ear… no […]