I had a dream… 

Every once in a while I reiterate to tommy that to dominate an animal, the best way to do it is to wrestle it down… and pee in it’s ear….  the other day, D peed in his own ear… I thought it was hilarious… Until… I had a dream Ned peed I MY ear… no […]

Meltdowns Part 1

**MAJOR Meltdown Begins** Declan is upset because he “can’t reach the ‘berry”  The strawberry that your touching? You can’t get the strawberry that you are physically touching? I can’t even fathom the chaos there would have happened if D caught Ned looking at the strawberry in the background…  🍓  Beacause I had my legs crossed […]

He’s got that fighting ginger blood…

Over the last several weeks it has really become apparent that he is an independent, strong willed toddler. It could be because he is almost two, but I prefer to think that it is because he has the fighting Irish-Ginger blood running strong in him. I can’t help but compare him to some of our […]

Soooo thoughtful…

I keep thinking I should switch D over to crayons… but the markers come off the walls, and tables, and floors so easily.. In other news. Declan was being very thoughtful thand other day.  He ran over with something pinched between his little finger for me.  I thought it was a little sticker or something […]


This is toddler related… it’s Ned related. And he acts like a 2 year old so I think it counts.  Ned is 8 months old and weighs about 90 pounds and believes wholeheartedly he’s a lap dog-usually at the most inconvenient times- like during diaper changes.  Anyway. I just thought I would share what Ned […]


No this is not a picture of the bath tub filled poop- although I could have had that picture- he’s just trying to fill the tub here.   I thought we were doing so good. Over a year and a half and no poop in the tub. Then…. it happened.  D thinks anything that sounds […]