No this is not a picture of the bath tub filled poop- although I could have had that picture- he’s just trying to fill the tub here.   I thought we were doing so good. Over a year and a half and no poop in the tub. Then…. it happened.  D thinks anything that sounds […]

Mr Independent 

Declan LOVES the outdoors. He’s absolutely obsessed with going “ous-side”.  Lucky for him we’ve got a dog door… Which he now uses frequently to exit the house. However, we haven’t quite gotten the part about returning inside.  Usually it’s just because he doesn’t want to come back inside.  But sometimes it’s because he gets caught […]

It’s graphic…gross and graphic..

We had to have an emergency diaper change mid-home renovation project. No biggie. I’ve got those diaper changes down to 30 seconds. I.am.a.pro.  Mr independent wanted to take his diaper to the trash. Such a big boy. So helpful. What could go wrong?? Literally nothing, that’s an easy job and the dirty diaper is totally […]

It’s been a while..

So let’s recap…Declan could care less for Ned. More often than not I’m breaking up a puppy child fight- Declan is usually trying to bite the fur off of Ned.  He absolutely loves Emma (the only thing Ned and Declan can agree upon is that Emma is the bees knees!)  D is a straight up […]

New puppy

I may have forgotten how much work a puppy is…  I also may have misjudged how much work a temper tantrum throwing toddler and a puppy combine would be.  Before we had a second puppy I would say, “I don’t have enough hands for this!!”  Now, I really don’t! I never know who is going […]