This is toddler related… it’s Ned related. And he acts like a 2 year old so I think it counts. 

Ned is 8 months old and weighs about 90 pounds and believes wholeheartedly he’s a lap dog-usually at the most inconvenient times- like during diaper changes. 

Anyway. I just thought I would share what Ned ate over the last week. 

7 rolls of paper towels

2 diapers

1 large box of raisins

1 baseball

1 basketball

1 wiffle ball

2 pairs of little boys pants

42 cups of dog food

14 gallons of water 

Select large pieces of potpourris 

Countless sticks

1 bunch of large bananas

2 fruit squeeze pouches

Attempted an onion 

5 bottle nipples (just the very ends- enough to ruin every bottle in this house. And OF COURSE D is not off the bottle yet so this is really starting to get old) 

1 set of stuffed animals ears off a kangaroo

3 books

1 bowl of fresh picked garden peas
I think that about does it, although I’m sure I missed some. 

I’m well aware that 90% of these items are highly toxic to dogs and I was waiting all week for him to drop dead. But…

He’s still here.

Happy as ever. 



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