No this is not a picture of the bath tub filled poop- although I could have had that picture- he’s just trying to fill the tub here.  

I thought we were doing so good. Over a year and a half and no poop in the tub.

Then…. it happened. 

D thinks anything that sounds like a fart in the tub is hilarious (squeezing the air out of bottles underwater, real farts, anything that makes bubbles). He laughs hysterically then says “pooooop” while giggling. 

One lucky day he was trying real hard to make his own fart bubbles when he got a little more than he bargained for: 


Lucky me. 

I should mention that ALL of the bath toys were in the tub. Washcloths. Cups. All of it, now filled with poop. 
In other news, Declan has also realized that when he is asked; “are you poopin”?That he can reach down the back of his diaper and pull out some eveidence. 

I can usually handle most situations. Not that. I literally have no idea what to do but pick him up at arms length and run in circles around the house trying the find the nearest sink while avoiding those poopy little fingers that are waving wildly- usually towards my face. 

That’s the boy life ha ha


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