It’s graphic…gross and graphic..

We had to have an emergency diaper change mid-home renovation project. No biggie. I’ve got those diaper changes down to 30 seconds. 

Mr independent wanted to take his diaper to the trash. Such a big boy. So helpful. What could go wrong?? Literally nothing, that’s an easy job and the dirty diaper is totally tied up and good to go. 

I go back to helping tommy replace the horrific lighting fixture. I’m not sure how the original one even passed inspection. There are wires everywhere!  And it’s in such a place that’s not easily accessible so we are both in precarious places on ladders and counters. 

Then we notice it’s gotten very quiet in Declan’s area… 
I poke my head around the corner just in time to see the diaper being opened and it’s precious cargo flung onto the floor. 

I should mention he thought it was hilarious. 

I’m horrified. 

I can hear the dogs coming. They are like sharks after blood. Good grief. 

I scrambled off the counter, onto the ladder and am running full speed through the main level to avoid any further helpfulness. 

Just in time. 

Thank the Lord. 


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