It’s been a while..

So let’s recap…Declan could care less for Ned. More often than not I’m breaking up a puppy child fight- Declan is usually trying to bite the fur off of Ned. 

He absolutely loves Emma (the only thing Ned and Declan can agree upon is that Emma is the bees knees!) 

D is a straight up little mountain man, he loves the outdoors and animals and snow! 

Other things Declan enjoys: 

  • Feeding the dogs- aka flinging the full dog bowls across the kitchen and watching the food fly across the floor- then trying to eat the kernels before I notice
  • Eating markers- he is not color predjudice- apparently all colors taste equally delicious. The picture below is nothing compared to some other marker snacks. 
  • Time outs. Just kidding! He hates them. But he gets a lot of them. Life’s rough when you’re a rebel! 
  • Farts. Declan loves laughing at his own toots. REALLY cracks him up 


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