Ah yes. Another one of my brilliant mothering moments. Again, Tommy was out of town so there are no witnesses aside from the fur-child Emma and little nugget Declan; both of whom are sworn to secrecy. 

Let’s start off by saying that Emma didn’t always puke-all the time. I swear she didn’t. But now that there is a never ending supply of grass in the back yard and a streaming supply of human food from Declan, the puking has really started coming through strong. 

Ok. Declan didn’t want to eat any food this particular day, aside from hard boiled eggs and milk. Which was fine. Not really a problem there. He ate his portion and flung some off of his highchair so Emma could have her portion too. 

Fast forward

I notice that Emma has puked in the other room. I turn my back for TWO SECONDS to get some carpet cleaner and…I kid you not… I look over just in time to see a piece of regurgitated egg being pulled from the dog vomit and heading straight into Declan’s mouth.

Sick. So sick. 

So ummmm that about sums up the weekend. Ha ha! 


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