I’m Leaking Formaldehyde 

And it’s sickening. 
What I’m really doing is sitting at the allergist, getting my weekly allergy shots. 

My Tuesday mornings are usually spent battling an hour and half (minimum) commute through the horrendous Denver traffic and landing at the good ole allergist to get stabbed. It really is a good old time.

Except today, the shots were larger than normal and the oil or whatever is in the syringe started leaking out of my arm. And it smells alarmingingly like fermaldohyde. 

I’ve been to enough cadavers and had enough classes in school to know that I smell like a preserved corpse. 

Unfortunately it’s not close enough to Halloween to play it off as my new perfume. 

What’s even better? I go to work after this! Ha! I suppose the good news is, most of my co-workers are not avid fermaldohyde sniffers (that I’m aware of) some have questionable out-of-work activities I’m sure, but fermaldohyde use would be a stretch. 


My goodness…

I can’t stand myself right now, this really is disturbing. 


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