Sorry Declan, that was DISGUSTING.

I got some “green” juice for Declan to have as a special drink. I’ve had some GREAT green juices. Tasty. Don’t taste greenish at all. They are fantastic. So I didn’t think to taste this one before I gave it to Declan. 

I’ve given it to him several times and he never seems to really enjoy it. 

So I tried it. 

Totally regrettable. I think it had texture. I felt like I was drinking a sick
Pause…. The doorbell just rang….the neighbor kid was selling some sort of fundraiser- yes I caved because I can’t say no to chocolate and no I don’t think I’ll actually get it because he’s seems to be semi incompetent – mainly because his mom sucks. She let her French bulldog run across the street, through my front yard and into my house where pure chaos just ensued.

 I’m trying to talk to the neighbor boy about his fundraiser and keep Declan inside simultaneously, which is an impressive task in itself. 

The next thing I know there’s snarling teeth, dog claws scratching all over the hard wood and I’m caught in the middle of two mad dogs going at it. 

I’m holding Emma back and shoving the bulldog towards the door with my free foot and Mrs. fundraising kids mom won’t come in to get her dog just keep saying “oh sorry.. Sorry… Bentley, come here come here”  once she got the dog she ran away. 

I don’t even feel bad Emma was about to own her dog.

I’m guessing we won’t be talking anytime soon.

Ok, back to the juice. It’s terrible. It’s like drinking a disgusting spinach brocolli combo that the producers forgot to put the fruit in to sweeten it up. 

This juice story just got increasingly uneventful after the dogs, I’m not sure I have it in me to go on with it. It just won’t live up to the excitement ha ha sorry! 

The point of my story was going to be that I felt really bad about giving Declan such a horrendous green gut wrenching drink. 

There. The end!!! 


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