My Indentured Servants

​I wouldn’t say I had a baby just for the free child labor I plan on utilizing for the next 18 years…. But thats definitely a plus… 

I also wouldnt say I have a good size dog purely for Declan’s entertainment, but let’s be real…

There are just days where  I’d rather have Emma do some work.  
She is a ball of energy and with the weather as hot as it’s been, she could use some manual labor in her life. 

Win win the way I look at it! 

On the particular day I really put Emma to work, Declan was super fussy so I started pushing him on his scooter. 

Push push push run run run

After I start feelin’ the burn in my hind cheeks I caught Emma starin at me from the side of the room. 

She was unamused. Side eyeing and everything. Guess what puppy!?! You just earned yourself a spot on the Declan express!!!  Next time, be more supportive. 

I won’t lie, I felt kind of like the grinch who hooked his dog up (with the reindeer horn) to his sleigh as I was putting Emma’s  harness on and attaching her to the scooter… The picture of what was about to happen outweighed my guilty conscience so I finished my pup-powered scooter. 

And it was awesome. Declan loved it. Emma… Well… If there’s enough treats involved she will learn to love anything so I think we’re good. 🙂

In other news, I was multitasking tonight  – in true woman fashion – and burnt some bacon to skinny little charcoal slabs. Totally unedible. Gah… What horrendous crimes against bacon did I just commit….


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