​​I was sick… Sick as a dog… So Tommy was on dad duty one morning a week or so ago. 

I always wonder if Tommy thinks I’m losing my mind when I run through the house like a chicken with my head cut off frantically looking for diapers, wipes, my phone, the baby…. I’m almost never smooth and something always seems to be going disastrously for me. Until the morning that Tommy was on Dad Duty. 

I was in bed with a NyQuil morning hangover.. Trying to sleep it off. Tommy rushes into the room asking something about carpet cleaner. I didn’t immediatly notice the request, but rather the same frantic panicked tone that I myself was so  used to frequently using. I won’t lie, I kind of enjoyed hearing it from his side. Ha ha I kind of hoped he was experiencing some of my typical morning adventures.  

He was. 

I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s just too good. Emma had decided to indulged in some yard weeds and about 10 pounds of grass. After said feast, she pranced inside and purged every blade of grass and stalks of weeds that she had ever eaten. Not on the hardwood, of course. On the carpet. 


During this time, Tommy was making coffee and getting breakfast together. He noticed that things had gotten rather quiet. We are really starting to understand the phrase about things get scary when the toddler is quiet.

Ok,back to the story. The room is quiet. Tommy goes looking for Declan and finds him, sitting in the middle of the purged feast. Happily flinging regurgitated grass on the walls and making sure that there was not a clean spot of carpet to be found.    It wouldn’t have been quite as funny had I not just recently experienced the trail of poo around the upstairs. But still…hilarious. 

Welcome to #DadLife! 



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