Walking! Feeding pups! Peeing! 

So let’s start with the excitement… On August 3rd, Declan took his first “real” walk. He’d been doing several steps for a. While before but this was the first legit trip as an upright man! it.was.adorable. 

And also terrifying, because I see him getting into serious mischief. So I did what any normal minded person would do. Got on Amazon and immediately started looking at back packs with leashes – I actually need to order one, I keep getting side tracked. 

I have no problem keeping Declan on a back pack leash. I actually support the child- leashing movement whole heartedly. 

This is pretty much what all of our meals look like…. On a calm day… I feed Declan. Declan feeds Emma. 

This picture doesn’t do the true scene justice. Usually there are scrambled eggs, waffles, berries, Cheerios, you name it, flying through the air in attempt to make it to Emma. Usually it just flys straight up in the arm or flys behind him (Declan’s athletic ability has not shown through yet obviously.. IF YOUR GOING TO BE. A CHILD PRODIGY YOU BETTER START LEARNING TO THROW! C’mmmmmmon… I’m joking.. Calm down) followed by some squeals and screams from Declan and a tap or two on his tray from me reminding him Emma doesn’t need people food. 

Funnyish thing is, he knows exactly what he’s doing- and that he shouldn’t be doing it. When he gets caught, he pulls his arm back real quick, acts shy, and eats whatever he was planning on giving away. 

So thankful for Emma. I have no idea how people have kids and not dogs. Their like begging vacuum cleaners! It’s great! 

I thought I had some time before the tricks started… Maybe not. 

No this isn’t a bath time picture because we love baths so much, well, kind of. Declan loves water so bath time is a favorite but he’s just especially proud in this photo.

 Guess you have to be when you pee all over the floor, dance (stomp) around in it, and party like your almost one. Thank goodness he still has a little bladder.  I really hope he doesn’t decide to be one of the kids that pees in anything that can hold liquid… 
Whew, that’s the updates for the last week. Maybe this coming week I can be way more on top of it 

HA HA wooooooo man I’m funny. Time for coffee then off to work- HAPPY TUESDAY! 


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